What are we planning?

Save the dates 22nd June - 24th June 2023

Huddersfield Windrush 75th Anniversary events and programmes (Name that Tunne) is being planned to mark the 75th anniversary of Windrush 75th Anniversary There will be Exhibitions, displays, talks, workshops and events telling the “rich, layered stories about the Windrush generation and their legacies through community Lunches abd, an exhibition, showcasing 12 x individuals associated with Huddersfield Windrush generation and exploring the impact of the Caribbean presence on Huddersfield and West Yorkshire,

Our social evening, will include:

Where are these planned to take place?

4 x Huddersfield Community based organisations such as St John Resource Centre, Bixby, New testament Great Northern Street and Bradley Court (Part of Methodist Home Association)

What would the banners display?

The 12 banners will be a a celebration of Windrush 75th Anniversary with a logo and a Huddersfield Windrush Generation person who have agreed to have their summary profile written and their picture. Each banner will have a sponsors name included and the website we are creating to acknowledge individuals, sponsors and partners

What ideas do you have for the content of the memory boxes?

How are we planning to promote/publicise the events?

To our Partners – a Big Thank you